Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow! I really need to post more!

Work has been so crazy! They trained me on EVERYTHING last week. That's good, because they know my goal is to be a supervisor. It looks like I could be THERE in March too! Wow, March 2009 has some serious potential for me!

This weekend (last night) was the first night in a LONG time I didn't binge while the hubby wasn't home. When I got tired, instead of eating for energy, get this, I got some sleep! It might sound small to some of you, but these habits are very hard to break, and I'm damn proud.

This coming week I'm going to beef up my workouts. I'm going to add in Jillian's circuit training. She kicks my ass, and I know it works. I've lost 5lbs in a week using her DVD's before, but I get scared. Sometimes I panic when I push myself that hard. I know it's worth it, though, and I'm glad I have the blogs I've been reading as some inspiration. Many of you are training for competition on the stage, and that is so amazing! I read Oxygen competition footage like it's a drug. I'm just so impressed and inspired!

You all are so right with making this a lifestyle. The competition part of it is getting beyond crazy for 12 weeks. Seeing how far I can go. I want this to be permanant, not the crazy part, but the healthy part lol

This week the food part of the challenge (she gives us stuff to work on each week) was to eat every 4 hours. I pouted! I'm good with working out, but I always hated being told when or what to eat. Well, after some soul searching, and faking it til I make it, I discovered something about myself. I'm in a very Christian neighborhood, and an interfaith marriage. As a Kosher-eating Jewish woman, my husband in a fun-loving way picks on me for not eating pork. He'll even argue that it's irrevelant now, because pork is safer then it was in those days... I didn't think it bothered me that much, but it really does. Being Jewish is a part of WHO I AM. I can be proud of that fact, and not care what everyone else thinks. Eating every 4 hours is a healthy way to eat, not a restricted or someone else's way. Plus, it has helped a lot with the sugar cravings. It also helps with that little feeling of panic when I wonder if it's "dinner time" or being "normal." What is normal anyway?


  1. Glad to see you posting again:) I thought we lost you. Stay committed to yourself. And be proud of WHO YOU ARE:) I, too, have a faith and it is in conflict with my whole extended family (my husband and I are LDS/Mormon) and they try so hard to rationalize away some of our beliefs. but hold firm. being religious does not mean you are perfect, it just means you are trying to be a better person than you were yesterday.

  2. Just wanted you to know I'm following along. Will you be posting up stats and goals? Pics? Keep up the great work!