Sunday, January 25, 2009

Angry, Sad, and Proud

I'm such a furry of emotions today!

Well, first the good news. Last week I lost 4.6 pounds! I think that's truly amazing, and I stand to be out of the 140's next weigh in on Friday! What a crazy thought...I almost didn't think I'd get there. I did have a binge last night, but I am learning a lot about myself. I was ANGRY and SAD and didn't eat enough protein or drink enough water. I set myself up bad.

Yesterday a friend of our family was killed. By their son. I used to play with him when we were little. Yesterday he shot his adoptive father, his step-mother, and his step-sister. I am so ANGRY at him. He's 26. He didn't have to be around them if it was that bad. I'm just, I guess, in a state of shock.

Here is a link to the story.

I can't make sense of the whole thing, and I guess that's good. If I could understand doing something like that, maybe that would mean I might be a person somewhere inside me who is capable of something like that.

Off to read the blogs I follow. Let me tell ya, if you're looking for motivation, they are IT.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your tragedy. I know the exact feelings believe it or not!!! In high school I had a friend I shared a locker with, a classmate, and he murdered his dad, step mom, and half siblings, then burned their bodies in the family car, THEN went to school the entire week soaking up all the attention from having a missing family. We all thought someone mean in the world had hurt them and he was grieving. Yeah, it was him. It was such a blow!!!

    Sometimes bad news can cause us to stray from our diet goals, but just hold through. Endure to the end. It is not disrespectful to anyone else for you to stay healthy. Hope your week gets better. Stay strong!